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Poll: You're moving across the country. What do you do with your stuff?
  • 39.1% - Rent a truck and bring it with you. 465
  • 22.1% - Hire movers. 263
  • 10.6% - Get one of those pod things. 126
  • 18.8% - Ship some of it, sell the rest. 223
  • 8.2% - Just get rid of it and start all over. 98
  • 1.1% - I would do something else not listed here (comments, please). 13
1188 votes

Well, how do you fare compared to the Zeitgeist? Chat up your fellow wooters and let us know how lame this poll was or what obvious choices we missed. For example: Was this poll a) STUPID, b) DUMB, c) POINTLESS or d) ALL OF THE ABOVE?


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Well, I've done this on a couple of occasions.

Some things have been thrown away. Some things have been given away/donated. Some things are still in my mom's basement. I brought the bare essentials with me and re-acquired things.


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I've done this. Get a cargo van and the biggest trailer Uhaul has, and whatever doesn't fit gets thrown out.


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Get Insurance.
Set fire to your old place.
Collect insurance money.
Move to new place and buy more crap.

Ah, the hell with it.


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Why would I hire movers? I was a professional mover for about 8 years.

ardubu wrote:Get Insurance.
Set fire to your old place.
Collect insurance money.
Move to new place and buy more crap.

Just don't post it online, because the insurance company will laugh at you, once they have your money.


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We used pods last time we moved. It was pricey, but so worth it.


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I got rid of most of my stuff and paid my friends who were moving to Oregon to take my things in their trailer. They moved west around the same time as me, luckily. :D


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Definitely would travel by Catbus.


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Fill a truck, pull my trailer and leave the rest of the junk for whoever wants to rummage through it.


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the1pony wrote:We used pods last time we moved. It was pricey, but so worth it.

I second this. Used it and it worked great. Well worth it.


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Reduce as much as possible, box the rest up. Get estimates. Hire a truck. Be told on loading that you're $2000 over the estimate. Make them weigh it, only $100 over.

Cross your fingers.

One week trying to schedule truck delivery.

One hour trying to get the truck to the new location, end up sending the hired unloaders out to guide truck in.

4 hours checking off boxes against the cargo list.

6 months arguing with the company about missing and broken things.

Still too soon to think about another long distance move.

My speech is not parsing. I am speaking in ellipsis.


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I shipped my computer and clothes together, ahead of time. The wait in line at FedEx, however, was so long, it saved me no time. Worst experience ever.


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I've done this several times, only once had a company provided mover, and once had to hire off-duty movers to load the truck when all my "friends" failed to show up after promising to help. I enjoyed the driving part, hitching up the tow bar and loading the car by myself was nerve-wracking, but once I decided it wasn't going to fall off, it gave me a great sense of accomplishment.


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ardubu wrote:Get Insurance.
Set fire to your old place.
Collect insurance money.
Move to new place and buy more crap...

from Woot


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I'm actually in the process of doing this now. I have a cross country move coming up this summer. I'll be hiring movers, because I don't want to have to deal with my heavy furniture. Going through all my stuff now to donate/sell what I don't need, and I'm being told I have too many appliances and tshirts from Woot....


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Since I always pack my own stuff, I would like to try one of those pod things.


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-Wait for military-hired movers to show up
-Listen to derisive comments about my belongings
-Say goodbye to truck full of my stuff
-Move family/pets across country
-Wait for truck to show up at destination
-Listen to a new set of movers make derisive comments
-unpack broken belongings into trash receptacle

Not that I'm bitter.


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I bought my own truck and car dolly.


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Jam everything that fits in to my car, sell the rest, torture the cats with a cross country road trip. Win.


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In military--they move all of my stuff for me and it is wonderful!! (Gotta have some good perks.)


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We shipped everything through ABF. Usually it's a vastly cheaper version of Pods, where they bring a truck to your place and leave it there while you pack it up, but we lived in a city where they wouldn't bring the truck to our place, so we had to first take everything out to a shipping yard area. We ended up just hiring movers to do that part. The whole thing was cheaper than pods, and cheaper than having professionals ship it the whole way. We just had to unpack on the other end.