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WOW! That's busy!


quality posts: 261 Private Messages dacrete

Full of life and full of color.


quality posts: 835 Private Messages lordbowen

Quite the mesmerizing design! Very nice.


quality posts: 259 Private Messages thumperchick

collinvh got a lot of greatness out of the 6 color limit. It's beautiful!


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thumperchick wrote:collinvh got a lot of greatness out of the 6 color limit. It's beautiful!

Thanks thumper chick and to everyone who voted in the derby. I'm very proud of this design, it's all about new beginnings. Thanks woot!


quality posts: 282 Private Messages Spiritgreen

Your new expressionistic phase is off to a great start. Congrats Collin!


quality posts: 54 Private Messages kevlar51

congrats Collin!


quality posts: 3 Private Messages TheDisreputableDog

Ooooh, I love this. It would be gorgeous as a tote too.


quality posts: 114 Private Messages oakenspirit

Grats on the print man- love the movement and energy!


quality posts: 71 Private Messages walmazan

Congrats Collin! Beautiful work!


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Volunteer Moderator

Congrats on the win today, Collin! The colors, the flow - love it.

(BTW, the catalog link in the bio is broken. It should be linking to this page.)

[MOD EDIT: Corrected. Thanks for the spot!]

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Excellent design.


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Congrats, Collin! Beautiful design.


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