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Time again for another march toward t-shirt doom! Discuss this week's life-or-death struggle for sales supremacy as chronicled on the Reckoning page all week long.

Here's how the Reckoning week runs now: every Tuesday at midnight, we retire the previous week's lowest-selling shirts and launch this here discussion thread. Tuesday around noon we'll post the all-new, all-early Reckoning Recon. On Friday, we'll juice demand and prime the pump with a little weekend reminder post. Finally, on the following Monday, the Day of Reckoning post sounds the last call for the Reckoned shirts. All of those posts will be linked below. Monday night (or Tuesday morning), it starts all over again. The Reckoning, she is a hungry beast...


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okay for the past 38 days I have been keeping track of GO SPORTS and how many shirts it has sold each day. For most of the time it was averaging five shirts a day and it was in spot number 4. After 38 days it has averaged 6 shirts a day.Now it has jumped to spot number 2.So that means the number 1 spot has to sell more than six shirts a day, and the number three-twenty spot is selling between 1-5 shirts a day! I would assume for a shirt to jump from number 21 spot to 20 it just has to sell one more shirt than number 20....we will figure all this out, folks!


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christheartist wrote:... I would assume for a shirt to jump from number 21 spot to 20 it just has to sell one more shirt than number 20 ...


Theoretical: If 20th place sold 60 shirts since 4 weeks ago, the 21st place would just have had to sell 61 to stay in the clear. Just remember that the time frame is Monday at noon to Monday at noon, and Woot-off sales don't count, hence the numbers being hard to track if one isn't constantly watching.

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