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Beautiful and nicely designed. A well deserved win... Congratulations!


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Simply beautiful. One always knows from the thumbnail a patrickspens design. Your work is always inspiring! gratz on the win.


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I've had dreams of fish swimming in air before. Made it hard to keep them in the aquarium, if I remember correctly.

Patrick's seem to be swimming upside down.


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Free Willy 5 - Mystical Goldfish Exodus


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No Kids 4? *weeps*


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Can anyone tell me about the zip hoodie quality? Do you like it?


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Beautiful, I knew this would win! Congrats


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jlzstum wrote:Can anyone tell me about the zip hoodie quality? Do you like it?

It's a looser fitting medium weight fleece hoodie. I size down for these; I typically buy a men's large for AA shirts here, but for the sweatshirts, pullover hoodies, and zip hoodies, I buy a medium.

I have not purchased any of the jersey zip hoodies, so I cannot offer any personal opinions/size comparisons with those.

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