hello, designers and wearers of shirts! the frenzied pomp of shirt.woot’s t-list has returned for another year. over the next week or so, we’re celebrating your (and our) favorite designs of 2016!

this time around, we cut the list of categories to a manageable number under 6,000,000 all packaged for your perusal here in this sale. in case you don’t want to click through, the categories are:

  • -typography
  • -slogans
  • -artistic
  • -science and math
  • -food
  • -wtf
  • -cute
  • -pop culture

because the nominees are conveniently presented within each category’s sale, we’re not going to type them all out here in an exhaustive and cumbersome list! please don’t make me -er, us- do that ever again. we’ll announce the category winners in a sale on 3/20, along with artist of the year, NEW artist of the year, bestseller of the year, and shirt of the year, so stay tuned.

but hey - the t-list is more than just OUR picks. if you want your most beloved design to get the recognition you feel it deserves, be sure to vote in our Community Choice derby on Thursday at noon CT. (it’ll replace this week’s derby, so use that extra time to bond with your family or learn to play the theremin.) the Community Choice winner will run Monday, 3/27, after that derby ends. the scheduling is a tad complicated, but we want to draw this out because we NEVER WANT THE MAGIC TO END.

“hold up,” we can hear you grumbling, “how come there’s no party this year?” DON’T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS. we’ve got celebrations in store for 2017. more on that later.

so. to recap: keep your eyes peeled for the t-list winners, vote in the Community Choice derby, and learn the theremin. thanks for another awesome year in shirting, friends! remember, you’re all winners in our hearts.