Tuesday, November 13


Friday, July 06

Boss Shirts, Boss! Week 7's Submissions

by Scott Lydon

Our 5th Birthday looms. It looms, dear readers. And as we ready ourselves to celebrate, we're gathering Wooters' photos of themselves in their best Woot Shirts! After the jump, you'll see the ones we've chosen this week. If you see yourself, email your username to our our commissioner so we can compliment your style. Everybody else, keep posting those your pics! We've got a Facebook wall and a Flickr pool and we're not done lookin' at you yet! Now get ready for this week's entries…

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Friday, June 08

Boss Shirts, Boss! Week 3's Submissions

by Scott Lydon

We're rolling right along in our quest to acquire every photo of a Woot Shirt in the Wild on our Facebook wall, and if you haven't already be sure to submit your own photos so we can show off all our cool friends to those jerks from high school who said we'd never amount to anything. And maybe hook you up with some swag. So if you see your photo below, be sure to email us so we can get in touch!

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Tuesday, April 10

Penguins Vs Bunnies: The Final Tally

by Scott Lydon

Last week's head-to-head battle was for the ultimate crown of cute. Hoodie, tote bags, long sleeved tees and t-shirts threw down to see who was more beloved: penguins or bunnies? Now we've tallied the votes and we're ready to show you the adorable data.

Team Cottontail

1146 bunny-related items sold, perhaps in connection with the Easter season. Our highest bunny seller was the regular tee You Have to Try This, Guys!, with 311 sold. Well represented from the masters of hippity hoppity!


by Fablefire


Team Tuxedo

The penguins made a respectable showing, with 986 total sales, but they just didn't have enough lift to reach bunny-filled heights. Even still, top seller for the penguins was t-shirt Cooler Than You with 176 sold, so at least they weren't frozen out.


by RamyB



Final Score

At the bell, it was Bunnies with a clear advantage on points, but since Penguins never hit the mat… could this be a two out of three situation? Will these titans face off again somewhere down the road? We smell a rematch in the air! But for now, bunny lovers, know that the day is yours.

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Monday, April 02

Cage Match: Penguins vs. Bunnies

by Scott Lydon

The cutest tummies? Evenly matched. The most adorable babies? Evenly matched. The most playful? Evenly matched. Most likely to be on your kid’s list of potential pets? EVENLY MATCHED.

So we’re not gonna settle this on paper. The only way to decide between penguins and bunnies is to go head-to-head, penguo-y-bunno, item vs item, and let sales figures decide. Like our previous cage match we’ll be selling short-sleeved tees, long-sleeved tees, hoodies and a tote bag, and you’ll vote the only way that matters: with your wallet. Orders will begin shipping on Wednesday, April 11th and the winning species will be announced next week. Take a look at what we’re offering below:

Zip-Up Hoodie - $30
Long-Sleeve Tee - $20
by Wenceslao Almazán
Tote Bag - $10
by littleclyde
Tee - $15
by ukulelefreak
by ramyb
by littleclyde
by Naolito
by Robbie Lee
by Robbie Lee
by Ochopika
by jamescho84

All orders will begin shipping on April 11th and only one thing’s for sure. Whoever wins, we all lose… our minds over how adorable the battle’s gonna be. Can you even imagine! One’s flapping those little wings, the other keeps tripping over those big floppy ears, everybody’s hopping around, this is going to be the BEST! FIGHT! EVER!.

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Tuesday, March 13

Dear Reddit: You Asked, We Listened!

by Scott Lydon

It was exciting to wake up this morning and see one of our shirts blowin' up on Reddit. So exciting, that we're gonna do something we almost never do… we're gonna wake it back up!

The Rat Is Our Patron


It doesn't matter if you missed it or if you wore it out or if you just have a compulsive need to buy anything we sell, if you want a second chance to pick up a t-shirt on American Apparel creme, follow this link to the sewers while there's still time. And thanks for the attention, Reddit! Hope you'll support the artist!

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Monday, February 13

Poe Vs Shakespeare: The Final Tally

by Scott Lydon

Last week we kicked off our very first head-to-head battle. This week we're keeping our foolish promise, and giving you the final stats. Who took home the crown as Greatest Writer Ever? Before we answer, let's take a look at the individual stats.


Our good friend Shakespeare sold 1024 total items, including shirts and totes and that pretty pretty poster. His highlight was the Read The Whole Book tote with a regal 247 buyers. After the fight he was escorted from the stadium by a mysterious dark lady and reportedly they went right to a discount bed outlet. Don't judge, it's his life.


by Spiritgreen



Edgar staggered out of the ring with 694 total items sold, but be aware of this controversial twist: his numbers don't include the finishing move that is Nevermore. Poe's highlight reel focuses on the Terrible Sanity t-shirt, taken home by 116 people. Be aware the shirts are extra soft so as not to upset anyone's super-human sense of touch.


by Drakxxx



In a unanimous decision, The Bard beats down The Raven, proving once and for all that iambic pentameter is better than horror. Or maybe it proves that Poe should have gotten himself on Star Trek once or twice. Who can say for sure? All we know is that this battle ends the debate that no one had until we came up with it at this time last week. And thank goodness for that, readers. Thank goodness for that.

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Wednesday, July 20

Birthday Week Interviews: Part One - Dan Zettwoch

by Scott Lydon

So this is what it's like to be old, huh? Tired, restless, forgetting the easiest things... yeah, we'll admit it, this interview with golden boy Dan Zettwoch, the designer of our 4th Birthday Shirt Splatty Birthday, was supposed to kick off our Birthday Week by getting posted yesterday. Give us a break, we were trying to party!

Anyway, after the jump, you'll learn a little more about our darling Dan, and then make sure to check back all this week for more interviews with some of your favorite shirt.woot artists. We're pretty sure we won't forget again. See you inside!

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Friday, April 15

Ten Questions: Bow Ties Are Cool

by Scott Lydon

As you hopefully know by now, one of our goals has been get to know our community a little better. What you like, what you dislike, who you are. We've learned from talking to you, there's a lot to enjoy by meeting our community.

It's pretty great that the new Doctor Who has become popular enough to talk about  openly. Visit  a bar these days, there's a chance you'll see two strangers debating Tennant vs Smith. Who could have expected this British tradition to go big in America? What's next, soccer? That having been said, we're all ready for the new season, and so is shirt.woot artist Anna-Maria Jung, who recently got to show off her Doctor-themed tee shirt to the Time Lord himself.


That's not even the best picture, either. We've got all the details of Anna-Maria's day, plus more Karen Gillan, right after the jump.


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Monday, November 29

Ten Questions: About Fashion

by Scott Lydon

Over the last year, our resolution has been get to know our community a little better. What you like, what you dislike, who you are. We've learned from talking to you, there's a lot to enjoy by meeting our community.

What were you doing in eighth grade? If you're like us, it probably involved a lot of whining, and maybe some basketball. But today we'd like to introduce a young man wise beyond his years. A young man with class enough to write us a business letter. A young eighth grade man named Steven.


the letter


How could we ignore a gushing letter like that? So, after the jump, it's Ten Questions with thirteen year old Steven Sawtelle.

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