A Rooster Development

by wootbot


6th Place in Derby #300: What makes me different, with 228 votes!

Everyone always talks about how much they like Arrested Development, but I don't know how people can get past the repeated continuity error that occurs throughout the show. I am, of course, talking about the chicken dance.

The characters are dancing like chickens, they're calling each other chickens, they're even making noises like chickens, but they aren't chickens! They're human! What gives?

How am I supposed to follow this tale of a dysfunctional family? How am I supposed to get invested in their relationships? How am I supposed to care if they get burned by a Cornballer when there's always this glaring error in the background?

Now, if only the characters were to be actual chickens (or roosters), that would be a lot more logical. They would be doing a chicken dance because they're chickens. Finally, it would be a show that would make some sense. THAT would be something I could get behind.