A Wormhole in Oregon

by wootbot

You Have Shot 9.345 Pounds Of Meat, But Can Only Carry....

1st Place in Derby# 292: Time Travel, with 362 votes!

The rex strides around to the side of the wagon and peers down, from high above. Tim leaps into the wooden front seat and whips closed the canvas flap.

Boy howdy, I sure do hate bein' right all the time.

The T-rex turns and strides quickly back towards them. It circles, slowly, bending over to look in at them through wagon flap.

DOC M and "GRIST" GRANT sit trembling in the front seat, watching as the giant legs stride past their oxen.

(a quivery whisper)
Hush! Don'tcha move, now -- its vision's based on movement!

You sure o' that, partner?

Mmm. Reckon I am.

DOC M freezes as the rex bends down and peers right in through the wooden bows. The dinosaur's giant, yellowing eye is only slightly smaller than the entire wagon tongue.


Lil' Lex is rummaging around in the back cargo area, and finds a kerosene lantern. She flicks it on with her benumnbed, typhoid-wracked fingers. The dinosaur raises its head. It turns slowly from the second wagon to the first, drawn by the light. Making a decision, it strides over to the first vehicle. FAST.