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Announcing new Apparel Products!

by Justin Merrill

Did someone say, 'New Stuff!?!?

tl;dr: new products = pullover hoodie, long sleeve tees, crewneck sweatshirts. new colors = heather grey, dark heather, heather blue. Ready? GO!

Exciting news! We are launching pullover hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, and long-sleeve t-shirts! We are also launching three new colors for our t-shirts: heather grey, dark heather, and heather blue!

Crewneck sweatshirts, long sleeve tees, and pullover hoodies will launch on a limited selection of our most popular colors: black, navy, royal blue, heather grey, and dark heather. These products will only be available for our featured designs in the daily and event-based offers so act fast if you want you new super-cool design on something other than a tee!

At launch, we will not have any designs on heather grey, dark heather, or heather blue color tees, but our super-talented artists are already creating cool, new designs on these colors! You might have a few questions so read on to learn more!

How will I find these new t-shirt colors?

These new heather colors are brand new, you whipper snapper, so we will not have any that are initially available in our catalog. As our artist community creates the coolest new design selection on these new colors, these new colors will become available. They will make their debut as a daily offer or in our event-based offers. After their debut, you will be able to find them in our “All Designs” catalog.

As our selection grows, you will be able to find them through our keyword text search feature (by design title or words related to design themes like funny, or awesomest (ok, maybe that last one isn't real but maybe you should try)). At launch, you will not be able to search these colors by clicking a color box, but we figured you'd be cool with that.

How do I know what size to purchase for that pullover hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt, or long sleeve tee I want?

Great question! Buy one of each size, try them out, and give all of the ones that don't fit to your friends and ask them to do the same! It will turn into a viral, community-building, friend-building party! OR, check out the updated sizing chart which includes all the details you need to know to get the size that best suits you.

Where will I find these new products?!

Since we are launching crewneck sweatshirts, long sleeve tees, and pullover hoodies on a limited selection of colors, they will only be moonlighting in our featured designs (daily and event-based offers). When a new daily design moves to the Top 20 and subsequently to “All Designs”, it will only be available on a tee, so outfit yourself , your friends, your family and perfect strangers in your favorite design on all your favorite products before they're gone! When a new design from Woot-off or a Plus Event moves to “All Designs”, it will also only be available on a tee.

Will I be able to get a design in “All Designs” on these new products?

No, not when purchasing them through “All Designs”. When we feature designs from “All Designs” in a sales event, it will be made available on these new products if the color is available. Our super-talented monkeys will offer-up the coolest, most funniest, and serious (if that's your thang) designs 'round so keep your eyes peeled, fam.

Can I buy a pullover hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt, or long sleeve tee today?

Yes! Check out our events below to get them now!

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So, basically, you're awesome?

Yes; we're glad you think so!