Aves Iratae

by wootbot

Move Over, Hitchcock

Be thankful this shirt isn't depicting something real.

When playing a game of Angry Birds, we laugh, we cry, we yell at the screens of our tablets, our phones, our computers, our Playstations, our Xboxs, our Nintendos (seriously, does this game NOT exist for any platform?). But during these fun rounds of video gaming, we never think about the possibility of the scenario being real.

This shirt is a stark reminder of the horror that could be.

The red bird bouncing off your house minute after minute, tumbling over your roof, trying to destroy the place you call home.

The yellow bird, picking up speed as it crashes through your wall, bolting into your living room and kitchen.

And then the blue bird, splitting into three, attacking from separate angles, smashing through your windows, staring up at you as they fall onto your bed and couch.

We're selling this shirt not as a joke, but as a reminder of what could be. Next time you cheer as one of your birds flings into a pig, think about if you were one of those pigs. Not so fun now, is it?