Bok Bok Party Wok

by wootbot

So Cluckin' Hungry

3rd Place in Derby #303: Nightlife, with 180 votes!

Okay, what you wanna do is take 6 chicks and fry em up in a pan of oil until they're golden brown and crispy. That is if you can even wait until they're done. Most of us can't. We eat em right out of the pan.

That is if we even get to the point when we put them in the pan. A lot of us just eat em raw as soon as they hatch. Or before they hatch. That's if we even let the mom chicken lay the eggs. Sometimes we just eat the mom chicken. And the dad chicken too. And all the other chickens. 

That's if we're not distracted by a carcass or a big pile of garbage or anything.

Man, eating is so awesome!