Cat Signal

by wootbot


Cats are pretty super! 

My pitch for a super hero movie:

Okay, so you open on this cat, okay, and you're like, wha??? Just a cat? Except you're not because you paid for a ticket and you're in a movie theater, so you know this isn't going to just be a shot of a cat for three hours (unless it's an arty movie [which it isn't]).

So, anyway, there's this cat, and it's totally cute, and it's sleeping, but then: AN ALARM! The cat jumps out of bed and does the Halloween cat stretch thing, and then runs through a secret tunnel (!) and into an underground lair (!!) where he changes into a costume (!!!), grabs a bunch of sweet tools (!!!!), gets into a custom car (!!!!!), and drives away (just ! because it's like, he's already in a car, so driving it is not !!!!!+ worthy).

Anyway, the alarm is because there's a fire, and the cat goes to it, and there' a fireman stuck up in the building, and the cat has to get it down using a weird ladder thing on his car, and it's like, whoa! Role reversal much, cat and fireman? And you kinda think, maybe this is true in a metaphorical way. Maybe cats help us as much as we help them, not with ladders or whatever, but with love, emotions, etc.

So, yeah, that's the opening montage. After that, there's the real movie part, which I haven't figured out yet.

What do you think?