Derby #283: Slogans for Animals

by wootbot

You know who doesn't have a strong Marketing department? Animals, that's who. Sure, we get plenty of "Save the ____" type stuff, but I'm talking about BRANDING. The kind of message that says, "I idenfity with that manatee, and I'm willing to be a walking advertisement for it." This week, give us your best slogans to sell people on animals. The more misunderstood the animal, the better.

  • No text only designs. You have to at least have a representation of your animal.
  • Real animals only. No koopas, Bugs Bunny, dragons, and DEFINITELY NO PHOENIXES.
  • No Royal Blue tees. Not until Zeke gets back with the truck.
  • Original designs only. No "hilarious" pop culture riffs.