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Derby #294: You Be The Algorithm

by wootbot

You've probably noticed there's been some trouble lately with algorithm-generated t-shirt designs. We at Shirt.Woot loudly declare that we are firmly on the side of human creativity and artistic expression. But, uh, a little automated sales juice wouldn't hurt, either. So, this week, your challenge is to take some of our most popular shirt tags and turn them into eloquent, moving designs that make mad bank! Here's how it works:

  1. Choose ONE tag from EACH column in the table below.
  2. Create a design that incorporates all FOUR of those elements.
  3. Title your submission with the four tags you choose (e.g., Abstract-Tree-Japan-Slogan).
  4. Profit!!!

And here's the table:

animals science Japan ghost
pop-culture tree pun retro
cute movie fire map
food one-color tech space
water television injury propaganda
abstract video-games oddball slogan
sci-fi steam-punk robot history
fantasy music optical-illusion forest
dinosaur bird math myth

There you go. Feed that into the punch-card reader in your mind and see what it spits out.

No Cranberry Tees