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Derby #321: Text as Art (plus bonus Bag Derby)

by wootbot

A Derby design is worth a thousand words (or, like, 1,125 words in the case of text-as-art design Nevermore). The tablet stylus is mightier than the Vorpal Sword. We could go on and on with these tired old tropes and adages, but the point is: text-as-art is super fantastic and we want to see your best. So warm up your kerning machine and show us what you've got. (Did you notice that this paragraph is in the shape of a box-like item??)

  • No super-duper-tiny font sizes 
  • No copyrighted text 

ALSO! DON'T STOP READING! We're running a Bag Derby this week to pick the next batch of our shipping bags. It's another chance to score a cool grand and place yourself in the hallowed halls of Shirt.Woot fame. Check it out!