Derby #334: Temple Run

by wootbot

The place: deep in the jungle. The year: Ummm…some time in the 20th century? A lone man must run from the demon monkeys that pursue him…or something. It's Temple Run! The archeological adventure game that's sweeping the nation's touchscreens. 

To answer your question: Yes, we do have a licensing deal with Temple Run this week, and it means we can't get sued for using intellectual property for once! We want your best TR (as the kids presumably call it) designs, and are willing to pay handsomely for them: 

First Place (picked by the Temple Run team)

Second place (chosen by y'all)​

Third place (chosen by y'all)

Also, any extra designs fancied by the Temple Run folks will be picked up for $500 apiece. 

What designs are we looking for? Anything that explores the world of Temple Run, those who play it, and the cultural phenomenon it sort of is. Maybe it's a movie poster featuring the game's characters, or a cute scene depicting the builders who have to construct that 1,000 mile-long stone wall, or the gruesome never-before-seen vignette when the monkey demons catch up. The possibilities are endless! Well, almost endless: