Derby #338: Metallic Ink

by wootbot

Who among you has never dreamed of quitting your job, selling everything you own, moving to Santa Fe, and pursuing your dream of becoming a professional metallurgist? You could say that metal flows through our veins, but that would require raising it to dangerous temperatures and we are very literal, so we'll just say that we really like metal. 

There are dozens of metals on the Periodic Table, but you only get to choose between two (silver & gold) and use only one metallic ink per design. We're going to say that again here and then again in the rules: One color per designs! Silver or gold! 

  • Use either gold (#b69624) or silver (#c5c7c9) metallic shimmer ink for your design - only one, not both. Here is a swatch for reference. 
  • No halftones or gradients. 
  • The smallest line we can print using metallic ink is a 4 point line in Illustrator, or an 8 pixel line in Photoshop. (Those numbers are based on your artwork at full size.)
  • No Crème Tees