Derby #341: Sports!

by wootbot

No matter your opinion on professional sports, we can all agree that THE SEAHAWKS ARE NUMBER ONE BABY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH LET'S GO HAWKS #BEASTMODE #SKITTLES. Whoa, sorry about that -- we have no idea what came over us. We're not even that into the Seahawks but we seem to have been swept up in the competitive zeitgeist (real football fans call it a 'competitive zeitgeist'). 

Whether you bleed [team] [team color] or think sports are the dumbest human enterprise imaginable, we want to see your take on competitive gamery. Remember: These designs will be too late for the Uberbowl, but the Sochi games are fast approaching... (There are other Olympic sports besides curling!)

  • No crème tees
  • No text-only shirts (must include some graphic element)