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Derby #667: Numbers!

by wootbot

Derby #667: numbers Numbers NUMBERS!

Numbers are magical, mysterious, powerful. They can be tiny or tremendous, concrete or conceptual, truthful or treacherous. Also, ‘number’ is a really weird word. Number. Num-ber. NUUUUHM-BUUUUR. See? Anyway, designs for Derby 667 should center around any or many of the numberless numbers of numbers. We’re counting on you. No Pi, No Cats, No Matrix, and No Cream tees. 


*Remember: Derbies are for NEW artwork only, not designs that have been submitted elsewhere.**

PLEASE, please, please email your art file!

This Derby ends NEXT THURSDAY at noon. The 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place designs will be featured Friday - Sunday. Select designs will also be included in a sale that starts after the Weekend of Winners.


See next week's Derby theme.