Divided by Zero

by wootbot

Toward A Saurian Mathematics

It's time to stop privileging a mammal-centric view of mathematics and learn the deeper truths that a cold-blooded perspective can teach us.

The social construction of "mathematics" has been a potent weapon in the hands of warm-blooded imperialism in its drive to exterminate indigenous saurians. The linear, essentially oppressive nature of structures like "division" and "integers" denies the experiences of hundreds of millions of generations, erasing their perspectives from the historical record more completely than any meteorite every could.

Who are human mathematicians, steeped in thousands of years of privilege, to tell dinosaurs that dividing by zero is impossible? For mathematics to act as a truly liberatory discipline, it must expand to include the equally - perhaps even more - valid paradigms expressed in saurian mathematics. Unfortunately, saurians couldn't do math, so we'll just have to take a guess about what it would have looked like if they had. Anything less is morally equivalent to genocide.