Final Boss!

by wootbot

Calling Your Bluff

You want realism in games? Okay, we'll give you realism.

You guys keep complaining that you want more realism from your games and we keep giving you browner and browner textures in first person shooters but apparently it's not enough. Don't you people realize that "realism" in games means "blowing up people in a desert?" What more do you want?

Fine, fine. You know what? Here you go, here's our new game. You're a cat. No, not a super cat. Not a cartoon character cat with a wacky costume. You have no super powers. You can't jump higher than a regular cat. You don't have super powerful claw swipes with which to dispatch your enemies, in fact you've been de-clawed. And neutered. You're not even an outside cat, either; you're stuck in a house and have to entertain yourself while your owner's at work. And you have a sleep meter that fills up super fast, forcing you to take a nap.

And just because we're d---s like that, it's got always-on DRM so if you're not on the internet you can't play. Enjoy signing up for Origin, you picky motherf-----s!