by wootbot

Cut It

This is not a shirt. It's a business opportunity.

We hear that SOME OF YOU are buying these SHIRTS and WEARING THEM. We thought we had MADE OURSELVES CLEAR: these are NOT CLOTHING; they are an INVESTMENT. But fine, we'll go over it ONE MORE TIME:

AS SOON AS YOU GET YOUR SHIRT, you should take a pair of scissors and go about DISMANTLING IT. Cut off the sleeves, the collar, separate the torso and the chest. These pieces can then be SOLD to your friends for $10 a piece, allowing you to TURN A PROFIT. What will your friends do with their pieces? Cut them into SMALLER PIECES and SELL them to their friends for $7 a pop. Half sleeves, half collars, etc. Their friends can then break their pieces into smaller pieces and SELL those for $4 a pop. Torso bites, chest minis, that sort of thing. And SO ON and SO FORTH.

Don't you see: EVERYONE MAKES A PROFIT. So WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? take that shirt off, and become a REAL LIFE ENTREPRENEUR.