Generic Vintage Summer Shirt

by wootbot


A girl on roller skates swishes by you on the boardwalk. She turns. He blonde hair swirls in the salty air as she smiles at you in slow motion, freckles dancing across the bridge of her nose. Dogs pant in the golden summer heat next to a boombox that only plays "The Boys of Summer" by Don Henley. There are children playing in a broken fire hydrant. For a second it looks like that fight scene from The Godfather, but that moment passes. You are in a convertible. The convertible is red. Matthew McConaughey has convinced you that you can carry a couple of surf boards on the back of your red convertible. He is playing a bongo drum in the passenger seat. A ruggedly handsome life guard, complete with white stripe of sunscreen, blows a whistle as he points to the horizon. A group of teenagers laugh together on a beach. They look friendly, not standoffish or intimidating. A set of perfect white teeth sink into a glistening slice of watermelon. An old man wearing flip flops waters his lawn. You continue to drive, slow motion, in your red convertible. Matthew McConaughey will not shut up with the stupid bongos.