by Wootbot

Better Red

Throughout history, the redhead has been subject to prejudice and persecution. Today, we seek to make a little money from their plight.

They are the perpetual step-children in our midst. Long ago, the redhead may have been spat upon for “stealing fire from Hell” or burned alive for being in league with the Devil himself. Nowadays, those with copper tresses are the targets of finger-pointing and laughter, even physical violence brought on by pop artists and long-running animated television series.

But now, for only the cost of a just a few high-priced coffee drinks, you can support those titian-haired among us by purchasing this shirt. Each one is painstakingly screen-printed with the images of eleven of the most beloved redheads in history and Carrot Top in an effort to bring a little sunshine into the otherwise dark existence of Gingers throughout the world. Buy one for the redhead in your life, or wear it yourself to show that you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with every highly functional, yet genetically deficient bundle of anger and beastly sexual desire in the world.

Well, close to shoulder-to-shoulder, anyway. The last thing you want is one of them touching you, after all.

Wear this shirt: if you freckle easily.

Don’t wear this shirt: if you feel it needs more Karen Gillan.

This shirt tells the world: “Once you go red, you never, uh, make your bed. Or something.”

We call this color: Kick An Asphalt Day


Design Placement: Centered

Design Size:
3X – S: 11” x 12.87”
WXL - K4: 8.25” x 9.65”

Pantone Colors: White - 1655C - Cool Gray 4C - Cool Gray 7C - 424C - Black

Please check our sizing chart before you order. The Woot Tee follows a classic closer-fitting style. If you prefer a baggier look, order a larger size. If there is not a larger size, consider starting a belly-hanging-out trend.