Give me another drink

by wootbot

A Friendly Face

3rd Place in Derby #284: Double-Take Derby 19, with 233 votes!

"Hey Phil. Pour me one, would you?"

"Hey Bobby. Usual?"

"You know it. Man, what a week."

"Sure seems like it. Fourth night in a row you've been in here. Everything okay?"

"I think I'm depressed, man. I can't get a job, I sleep upwards of 10 hours a day, and I can't seem to kick the nip. I'm wastin' my lives, man."

"Jeez, man. I had no idea."

"Yeah, life's rough."

"Yeah, I had no idea living rent free in an apartment with a human that buys all your food and takes you to the vet regularly was so terrible. You sure are suffering."

"Don't gimme that 'someone's got it worse' routine, pal. My problems are still problems."

"Quit bein' such a p----."