Hamster of Dooom

by wootbot

Cage Match

Inside the fascinating social lives of hamsters



"Oh, hey"

"Oh, hi there."


"Whatcha doing?"





"Chewing up Kleenex to make a nest for myself."


"What about you?"


"Oh, hi."

"Hi, I remember you. Ummmm, I'm just, you know, going to go over here and -- ow."


"I donno. I ran into something invisible when I tried to run over there. Maybe if I try again -- ow."

"I'm gonna run."


"On this thing."


"OK, done running, what next?"



"Do I remember you? Let me smell you. Oh yeah, you're my brother. OK."

"Want to curl up with me while I sleep?"

"Sure, will it be warm?"


"Do you smell something in here?"

"Wood chips?"




"Who are you? Let me smell you."

Wear this shirt: despite its depiction of massive loss of life.

Don't wear this shirt: when it starts smelling like hamster.

This shirt tells the world: "Soon you shall be crushed under my iron paw!"

We call this color: Nate Silver Should Have Warned Us About This