International & Expedited Shipping Changes

by Sam Kemmis

Do you ship Shirt.Woot orders internationally or expeditedly? Then we have some good news (if your bar for "good news" is set pretty low). Basically: You no longer pay shipping for each shirt you order.

It's a little more complicated than that, but bear with us and it will all become clear. We now charge $5 per Shirt.Woot sale type within the same order instead of $5 per shirt.

A sale type is just the area where you bought something on Shirt.Woot. This includes: the daily sale (the main shirt), the Top 20, the Catalog, and the plus sales. The only hitch is that different plus sales each count as different sale types.

Say you checked out with 1 daily shirt, 5 from the catalog, and 2 from the same plus sale. That's 3 different sale types, so the expedited/international shipping would be … 3 x $5 = $15. In the old system it would have been $40 (8 x $5), and $15 < $40, so yay!

Why do we do it this way? Since we print everything on different schedules, orders from different types have to be shipped separately. Or, if you prefer explanations at a more abstract level: We are a business that needs to make money instead of lose it.

Any questions? Ask 'em here!