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Limited Time - Unlimited Savings! (Ends 4/22/18)

by Ben Wyeth

Today we are launching a limited-time discount for customers that purchase two (2) or more items from Shirt.Woot!

What’s the deal, you ask? Check it: When you purchase two or more items from Shirt.Woot, we’ll automatically take 10% off your total Shirt.Woot order. Sweet! And the only limit is the time limit: This offer ends on April 22nd.

You’re probably wondering, “Does this discount apply to dailies and plus sale offers, since those are already marked down 20% from the catalog price?” And the answer is, YOU BETCHA!! What about designs in the Top 20 or the Catalog? Yup! Those are covered, too! 

HOWEVER: this discount only applies to items on Shirt.Woot and does not apply to items purchased on other Woot categories. So if you buy 2 or more shirts from Shirt.Woot, and 1,642 Dyson vacuums from Home.Woot, the 10% discount will ONLY apply to the shirts. Also, we’re worried about how many vacuums you’re buying. 

So what are you waiting for?! Knock down our doors, run over the people next to you, and be the first one to get the deal before it’s gone!