Literary Classics as Video Games

by wootbot

Do you ever wonder what the Aeneid would look like in 8-bit? What do you mean "no?" This week, we want you to turn a PUBLIC DOMAIN literary classic into a video game. If you're anything like us, your long-dormant-high-school-self is probably elated right about now.

-No creme tees!!

But listen up, buckaroo! This is an upcoming Derby preview! Wanna get a head start on the next two derbies?

Derby #370: Adorable (Launches 8/22)

We want to see some cute stuff, and we want to see it now.

Derby #371: Everyday Businesses of Famous Characters (Launches 8/29)

Show us famous characters at work in everyday jobs. Think about company logos and such. (Remember the copyright rules!)

Good luck, Shirters!