Love Vs. Hate: Printable Woot Valentines For All You Knuckleheads

by Woot

Waiting until the last minute? You just missed it. But maybe there's still time to salvage Valentine's Day with our fourth annual crop of free, printable Woot Valentines. This year, our "Sweet" Valentines feature a variety platter of romantic meats, while our "Bitter" Valentines explore the dark side of love among the sideshow freaks.

The 4-up PDFs below are ideal for printing - just add scissors. For those who communicate their innermost yearnings via email attachments, we also offer heartfelt JPGs. And if none of the 2011 models push your love buttons, our 2008, 2009, and 2010 Woot Valentines are still every bit as current as when we released them (except for the one about Conan O'Brien). Ha-P V-Day 2 U!

After you give them, let us know: who's the lucky lifeform who received your Woot Valentines? And do you still have a relationship with them?