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Meet the Artist: Wingfeather

by Shirty

You know the saying: "Byrdes of on kynde and color flok and flye allwayes together." Or as we like to say, “Wingfeather!” It’s way easier. And boardgames. And Shirts…we’re really off kilter here. So let’s just get on with a little information about Wingfeather.

Q: What inspired your curation?

A: I live in Indianapolis, and go to GenCon every year, and always make sure to wear Woot shirts, which always get great compliments!

Q: What makes your creative motor tick?

A: When I brainstorm shirt ideas, I imagine myself seeing someone else wearing the design.  If seeing it, in my mind's eye, shocks me or has a tint of audacity or causes a double-take ("did I really just see that?"), I feel like I'm on the right track.  Those are my favorite shirts to work on.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration?

A: My family is a little off-kilter (in a good sort of way), and tends to banter a lot with each other online.  Their wit and pop-culture wizardry often give me inspiration.  Also, I really get jazzed by designs that involve wordplay or double-meanings.

Q: Any particular favorite shirts/artwork from your event/the site?

A: Shirts from the Unstealthy Ninja series by DoOomcat

Q: Do you have a favorite artists who is also featured on shirt.woot?

A: DoOomcat and ApeLad are two of my favorites on Shirt.Woot

Q: Anything we should look forward to from you in the future? Would love to hear about any projects you have going on!

A: I'm going to school this fall, so I'm not sure how much time I'll have to design during the semester, but I always have one or two Celtic designs I'm playing around with, because I can doodle them in class and then work on them and expand on them in later sessions or when I get home in the evening.

We are proud to hear that Wingfeather is going to school; that is a big deal! Maybe when Wingfeather is done with school, we can hang out at GenCon to play some sweet tabletop games. Also, Wingfeather is responsible for our fun ROYGBIV Derby. Check out Wingfeather's CON Shirts!