My Everest

by wootbot

It's a new chain.

Welcome to the Sagarmāthā Cafe.

From the Chef who behind Tenzing Norgay, Seattle's finest expedition-themed bistro, comes a new dining experience guaranteed to take you on an adventure at the top of your culinary bucket list. Sagarmāthā Cafe, located in Seattle's historic Belltown district, delivers classic Mahalangur mountain cuisine with a modern American tavern flair.

Guests at our restaurant will have the option of hiring Sherpas at the door to help them on their gastro journey. Oxygen tanks will be provided, as you will certainly become lightheaded and weak during your trek toward deliciousness. You'll be pushed beyond the limits of your endurance and you'll discover an inner strength greater than anything you'd ever known.

Of course we accept no liability for those adventurers who succumb along the journey.

Wear this shirt: While summiting a triple stack of blueberry pancakes.

Don't wear this shirt: On a mountain without lots of layers underneath.

This shirt tells the world: "You get your thrills your way, I'll get mine my way."

We call this color: The "special sauce" is just creme-y Thousand Island.