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Nice Shirt: Robbie Lee!

by Kristy Tye

PODCAST SPOILER ALERT: we also talked a lot about his daily we're going to have up on Monday. I was going to cut it since we don't like to preempt these things too often, but it was a good discussion with Ocho on how we art directed the heck outta him that I think you guys would really like to hear the process.  

Anyway, fact: you can't talk about Robbie Lee without using his entire name. New fact: Robbie Lee has a really new great book out you'll want to check out whether you're an artist or not. So here's some info on this Robbie Lee book: 


Great cover, right? Check this out, he has the first whole chapter available on his website here FOR FREE 

If you love that, go ahead and buy the book over at Amazon! If you feel that's something someone who works for Amazon would encourage you to do, you could buy it for more over at Target

Here are some other great links for Robbie Lee stuff: 
Shirt.Woot catalog (& derby entries from Wootstalker) 
Design by Humans catalog 
Threadless catalog 
​& like him on Facebook

And Robbie Lee also sent me some other great things to share! Check out his robot he's about to put in his garden (based on the shirt design he made for us!) click on to embiggen/buy:

And check this out, his son is also very talented and loves katamari, amazing: 

And this is how much Robbie Lee loves his son, he made him a door and by extention I assume he built his entire house by HAND: 

And here are two bonuses, both are very good so I hope I haven't lost you with all this other Robbie Lee bonus material. This first one is the thing he just bought at Target that I'm pretty sure he sent me as a joke but I feel it's important: 

And this second is my fav, an mp3 of him meowing at us for you to use and abuse as needed: check it out, rawr