Ninja Stars

by wootbot


2nd Place in Derby #303: Nightlife, with 201 votes!

Friggin ninjas. Ruining the friggin view with their friggin' thievery. Try using my friggin telescope and all the friggin stars are gone. I wish I'd known about all these friggin ninjas before I spent all this friggin' money on this friggin telescope. And word is they're gonna steal all the friggin' birds next, so all that friggin' money I spent on my friggin' binoculars is for nothing too. Friggin' great!

What's friggin' next? Friggin' art? Friggin' mountains? Friggin' clouds? Seriously, is there going to be anything to friggin' look at at all when these friggin' ninjas are done? Or is it just gonna be friggin' me looking at my friggin' cats. And who's to say these friggin' ninjas won't friggin' take them? 

Honestly, nothing would surprise me with these friggin' ninjas.