by wootbot

WHOOOO Belongs To The Night

2nd Place in Derby #295: Glow in the Dark, with 377 votes!

YAWN... what time is it... whoa, it's already getting dark out? Aw jeez, my whole sleep schedule is totally off. I really wanted to turn in early last night, but then I went by the big pine, and Kevin and them had heard about some mice over in the meadow, so I went along, "just for a little while", right? One mouse leads to another and the next thing I know, I'm flying home while the sun's coming up. I gotta get things back on track, man.

But wait, you know what? Maybe I should just say screw it. Sleep all day, party all night. Why not? It's not like I have a job to go to. I've got these big eyes, I can do that little sonar trick - why am I even trying to conform to society's timeclock? That's it. I'm doing it. I'm serious. From now on, I belong to the night. You wanna go get some mice?