Reflections on Pi

by Wootbot

Once More, With Filling

Because the formula for a square doesn’t spell “brownie”

In history, pi begins with the Ancient Egyptians, who first developed a sort of filled cookie, demonstrating that, even though they could not precisely identify it, they still had a basic awareness of the concept. It was not until 265 AD, when Liu Hui first hollowed out a small yellow cake and served it uncovered, that there was any sort of calculation to focus toward the mysteries of true pi.

By 480, Zu Chongzhi had continued the work of Liu Hui, developing a crust and proving that, even though it seemed irrational, a filling could be added and then sealed over in a manner to make it invisible to diners. This perception would continue until the 18th Century, when proofs were developed that settled the matter once and for all. Now, there was nothing not contained by pi.

Today, with computers working around the clock, we are sure of one simple fact. Pi is never ending, always appreciated, and, quite frankly, our civilization would be nothing without it.

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