Sky Invader

by Wootbot

Death From Above

There will be no continues when the end comes.

“Hey, mister. I don’t mean to bother you, but don’t I know you?”

“Who me? No. No, I don’t think so.”

“Really? I could’ve sworn I’d met you before. College, maybe? Did you ever work at Shuckey’s Pizza and Bratwurst?”

“Look, I’m sorry, but you must be thinking of someone else. Now if you’ll excuse me, I should really be heading…”

“Oh my god. That mark on your hand. Where did you get that?”

“Please, just leave me alone. I… I have somewhere to be.”

“You were there, weren’t you? There with me in that dark metal cage. You’re an abductee just like me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re crazy.”

“Crazy? Crazy because I still see their pulsating squat little bodies everywhere I look? Crazy because I remember the horrible experiments they performed on my body? Crazy because of THIS?!”

“That… you have one, too.”

“Yes. They marked me just like you. With an Insert Coin slot.”

“Player One?”

“That’s right, Player Two.”

“My god. I thought I was going mad, but… The marching. Do you hear the faint sound of marching just above us? That awful ‘Chugh chugh chugh chugh’ noise?”

“Every day of my life. And it’s been getting louder, too. All the time louder.”

“The invasion…”

“I think so. But luckily, they made one small mistake. They left us alive. Quickly, Player Two. We’ve got work to do.”

Wear this shirt: to the new Tron film.

Don’t wear this shirt: if barrel jumping or ghost eating is more your thing.

This shirt tells the world:They’re closing in one me/Dark forces rare and unseen…

We call this color: Blast It Black To Where It Came From


Design Placement: Centered

Design Size:
3X – S: 12” x 9.03”
WXL - K4: 9” x 6.77”

Pantone Colors:   White - 306C - 2945C

Please check our sizing chart before you order. The Woot Tee follows a classic closer-fitting style. If you prefer a baggier look, order a larger size. If there is not a larger size, consider starting a belly-hanging-out trend.