Snow Angel Particle

by wootbot

Somewhere in the Swiss hills…

Does CERN get snow days?

"Hey! What are you guys doing? Let's go! We've got to get the particle accelerator up and running!"

"We, uh…we are."

"No you're not. You're playing in the snow."

"No, man. We're…conducting…experiments. Yeah. Experiments."

"Oh yeah? Then what hypothesis are you testing right now?"

"…Um, different, y'know, ways particles can…react. With each other."


"See, like that. Now imagine that snowball was a particle and your face was another particle. We just learned something important here."

Wear this shirt: While taking your Stoichiometry final.

Don't wear this shirt: If you're more of an English major type.

This shirt tells the world: "Did you know you've never actually physically contacted anything? You're only feeling the resistance of subatomic space between your respective particles."

We call this color: The Silver-Boson Particle