Spring Dream

by wootbot

Le RĂªve du Printemps

3rd Place in Derby #296: Spring 2013, Editor's Choice!

Now widely recognized as one of the most influential and often-performed works in modern t-shirt composition, Spring Dream's avant-garde character was too much for contemporary critics, who judged it a failure.

The audience at its 2013 premiere greeted the opening bars with derisive laughter. Composer qetza, enraged and humiliated, left his set and retreated to the wings for the rest of the performance. As the work proceeded, the hooting and hissing reached such a crescendo that the Shirt.Woot stage manager, fearing for the the safety of both the building and the performers, brought up the house lights. But the performance continued through the disturbances. By the time the last piece of ice fell from the reawakening stag, the crowd was in a reasonable if not fully respectful mood.

Since that contentious premiere, the t-shirt audience has matured into appreciation of Spring Dream's brilliance. It has moved steadily into the heart of the modern t-shirt canon (not t-shirt cannon, as there is no recorded launching of Spring Dream from a t-shirt cannon).