Spring Rain

by wootbot

Stay Spry, Spring

2nd Place in Derby #296: Spring 2013, with 259 votes!

5 things you probably didn't know about rain:

1. Though it is most commonly water, rain can be anything that falls from the sky. Because of this, water-rain's full name is actually "rain classic."

2. The song, "It's Raining Men" was written not by The Weather Girls, but by songwriters Paul Jabara and Paul Shaffer, who lived in a house next to a field used as a landing spot for skydivers.

3. Before scientists figured out how it really worked, everyone imagined that there was a giant hose pouring water into clouds, dispersing it like a shower head.

4. Boiling water produces water vapor, otherwise known as anti-rain, backwards-rain, or niar.

5. Rain is considered a mammal in certain cultures.