by wootbot

Plot synopsis

It's like Alien vs. Predator, but deeper!

Noted adventurer Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) goes out on a routine exploratory spelunking mission, only to find the unexpected: Han Solo (Harrison Ford) frozen in carbonite! Fearing it to be a homicide, Jones calls the police, who immediately send two of their best officers to the scene: Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) and Sgt. Joe Gavilan (Harrison Ford).

All the clues point to none other than Dr. Richard Kimble (Harrison Ford), who is already on the run from the law. The only problem? He's no where to found... on land! No,  sneaky Dr. Kimble has escaped with Captain Alexei Vostrikov (Harrison Ford) in his nuclear submarine!

In the end, though, the officers are able to locate the criminals and bring them to justice, thanks, in part, to some help from research scientist Norman Spencer (Harrison Ford), attorney Henry Turner (Harrison Ford), and CIA analyst Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford). For their heroic efforts, they are all thanked personally by President James Marshall (Harrison Ford).

But does hard-headed Rick Deckard care about the commander-in-chief? No way! He'd rather sneak out of the luncheon being held in his honor and go home to his small, untidy apartment, where he can finally sit down on his couch (Harrison Ford), kick his feet up on the coffee table (Harrison Ford), and crack open a cold beer (Harrison Ford) to relax after a hard day's work (Harrison Ford [uncredited])!