Tar Pit Painting

by Wootbot

Okay, wait a second. Let’s get some science on this.

2nd place in Derby #164: Prehistoric Art, with 560 votes!

No, Zhang, I’m not saying you completely falsified your thesis, I’m just saying I’d like a third party to investigate and verify the claims you’re making about your research.

Okay, yeah, I guess that does pretty much imply I think you falsified your thesis.

It’s just that carbon dating doesn’t support any of this. Okay, okay, fine, even accepting your argument that carbon dating is a lie, which is not true at all but just for the sake of this argument we’ll say it is, all our fossil evidence rules out the possibility that dinosaurs would have had the mental capacity to create art. And they certainly didn’t have the dexterity to dip humans, again, supposing for the sake of argument humans were around, into tar and hurl them against rocks, creating crude artistic images.

Well for one they didn’t have opposable thumbs. Or HANDS, in the case of that Apatosaurus you have hurling a person. And there weren’t PEOPLE anyway. Any mammals around that time were small, bottom of the food chain types. Okay, MAYBE you’d have a Repenomamus giganticus running around there or some kind of Deltatheridium.

But I still don’t think any of them were being thrown around. It was probably a lot more killing and eating. How did you arrive at your results, exactly?

Wear this shirt: At your next gallery showing.

Don’t wear this shirt: To the tar pits. That place stinks and you might ruin all your clothes.

This shirt tells the world: “Did you know ‘la brea’ is Spanish for ‘tar?’ Makes the La Brea Tar Pits kind of a ‘Shrimp Scampi’ situation, don’t ya think? Oh, see ‘scampi’ is Italian for ‘shrimp’...”

We call this color: Bubbling up Brown


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