The Fancy Llama

by wootbot

Best Show Ever!

3rd Place in Derby #304: White On Black, with 178 votes!

This Llama doesn't look anything like Omar from the Wire

I don't get it. Seriously, Omar didn't wear glasses. Or bow ties. In fact, he barely even wore that tie on that one episode where he has to go into court. You know, the one where he gets the voucher for court clothes and he just wears the fancy tie around his neck like a scarf sort of? You guys remember that scene? Anyway, what I'm saying is Omar didn't wear ties.

And Omar didn't drink tea either. Or not that I remember. Is this some reference to a Wire prequel or something that I didn't watch. I mean, you guys I am a huge Wire fan, and you're kinda freaking me out here. Did I miss something? I mean, you've got this llama and it's clearly saying Omar's catchphrase, and yet there's no other evidence that it's Omar at all.

C'mon! I thought you people did reference-y shirts. SOMEONE ANSWER ME!