The Ice Throne

by wootbot

On Heads

Crowns: they're heavy, amirite?!

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, so to speak. Lighter is the head that doesn't wear the crown, but only compared to crowned heads. Otherwise, that doesn't make sense. It would just be like "Head is the head that wears the crown." See what we mean.

Lighter is the head that forgot to open the windows while painting, but not really. Like, if you had a scale and weighed that guy's before and after he got light headed, it would probably be about the same. Light-headed is just a thing people say when they're a little out of it. Why? Who knows? It was probably invented by an out-of-it guy, so can you really trust it.

What we're getting at is that heads are confusing, and you shouldn't really talk about heads unless your a head scientist.

Thank you and goodnight.