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The In-Real-Life Derby: Blow Our Minds

by Sam Kemmis

Shirt.Woot is throwing a real-person party in Seattle on September 1st to celebrate...we donno...parties? We'll announce all the details here on the blog on and on our Facebook page with all the details soon, so stay tuned, but part of the fun will be an "In-Real-Life Derby", in which the winner will be selected via a combination of technology and shouting. Sound awesome? It will be.


Theme: "Blow Our Minds" – Give us your best art/design/crazy shirt. These will be printed digitally so we can use fine halftones, photos (taken by the artist), no color limitations, etc. Our normal printable area still applies.

Schedule: Submission start and stop times coincide with the Derby 317 timeline. Submit from Friday @ Noon (Central) to Wednesday @ Noon (Central)

How to Submit: Send your design to with "Shirt.Woot Party" as the subject.

How the Winners are Chosen: Accepted designs will be printed and decided on by the attendees of the Shirt.Woot Party on Sept.1st via a combination of technology and shouting. 

Prize: The winner will curate Shirt.Woot for a day, including the daily (which can be their own), the derby theme for that week, and a Plus Sale featuring designs of their choosing. So it's basically $1,000 (if you pick your own design) plus fame and glory.


Will all submitted designs get printed and shown at the party? No. The criterion is "Blow Our Minds" we'll only accept designs that give a good-faith effort to do so. This may seem subjective (and it is) -- but unfortunately we can't print every submitted design for this party. Have fun, be creative, and blow our minds! 

Will the shirt(s) be sold? Maybe, our goal is to get super interesting never-before-seen art that you wouldn’t expect to see on Shirt.Woot. If production permits, we’d love to offer but we’ll have to wait and see.

How can we see what gets submitted? You can’t until the reveal on 9/1. If you’re in Seattle, you can come to the party and see them IRL. If you’re not in Seattle, we’ll have details as we get closer to the event on how you can view the shirts all virtually-like and let us know what you think. You can always post your designs here for community feedback. 

Does the winner get paid? Yes. The winner will get to curate their own daily and a Plus Sale, and if we  decide to sell the winning design(s) they will be subject to our normal contracting process. So basically $1,000. 

Are the designs subject to the same 60-Day exclusivity restriction? Short answer: No, these will not be subject to the 60 day hold. This is obviously a little out of the norm for us and not subject to our usual Derby terms and conditions. Exclusivity is part of the fun after all. But once the event is over, you’re free to do what you want with the designs.

Can we print over the seams? Unfortunately, no. DTG printing is pretty rad, but it’s not ideal for all-over printing.

Unlimited Colors, Really? Unlike our traditional screen printing, we have a lot more flexibility with DTG and can be more relaxed on the color restrictions. Keep in mind though, DTG uses 4-color process and on Fabric (technology). As a result there are colors such as ultra brights and fluorescents that won’t reproduce digitally.  We still reserve the right to exclude any we determine to be unprintable.

Other restrictions? Text needs to be larger than 24pt and our max print size is 15.5 x 19 inches.