Think of the Children

by Wootbot

We Are The Hand Across The Farm World Aid Live

1st place in Derby #136: The New Vintage, with 1,220 votes!

Twenty-eight years after The Race For A Cure For Something, those involved look back on their experiences with what became the greatest charity debacle of a generation.

“It was the eighties. There was all this… stuff going on in the world. And, well, my girlfriend had just left me for being ‘lazy’ and ‘without direction’. I thought this would be a great way to show her I could be somebody really rad. Then, I just got bored.” – Frederick Ladd, event co-organizer

“I didn’t have anything better to do, so I went down to the event in our city. There were something like five, maybe six, people that showed up. Even the band bailed. After a while, we just said ‘Screw running’ and went to go see Wrath of Khan.” – Jason Dunn, event participant

“In retrospect. we probably should’ve had more focus, I guess. Choosing an organization to raise money for was just so much work. I don’t know. It was alright.” – Katie Bernhardt, event co-organizer

“The theme song provided by Dexy’s Midnight Runners turned out to be a complete disaster. Probably should’ve gone with Huey Lewis and The News. Whatever.” – David Burnett, music coordinator

“In a way, we were kind of ahead of our time. I mean, just look at us now. Everyone in the world is apathetic! So, while it’s wasn’t necessarily our goal, something got accomplished. I guess.” – Thomas Schlereth, a guy who was never given an official title but showed up at all the meetings

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