Toadstool Construction

by wootbot

Playing Politics

3rd Place in Derby #629: Worst. Job. EVER., Guest Editor ApeLad's pick!

This is what's wrong with the country today. Some plumber tears through the kingdom absolutely DEMOLISHING all the brickwork in the land and who comes to the rescue? The masons. Of course. Unions sticking up for unions, as usual.

And who's supposed to bankroll all this "reconstruction?" Oh, I guess we'll just let big government throw all their coins at it! Because that solves all our problems, doesn't it? Just suckle at the teat of Uncle Toadstool a little more.

Whatever happened to just pulling yourself up by your goombas? I tell you it's not the Mushroom Kingdom my grandfather came to!

Wear this shirt: While building a sweet wood-fired oven out of bricks in your back yard.

Don't wear this shirt: Mushroom hunting.

This shirt tells the world: "Mushroom Kingdom Masonry. Now THAT'S the game Miyamoto needs to make."

We call this color: Slater Mario Bros.