Waiting for the bus

by wootbot

Carrollian Meteorology

1st Place in Derby #304: White On Black, with 208 votes!

"When will it stop raining?" Asked Alice, gazing about.

"As soon as it does." Replied the Cheshire Cat. "And not a moment before."

"That's not -- I mean -- when will that be, precisely?"

"As I said. When it stops. Precisely when it stops."

"What I mean to say," Alice said, a bit confused, "Is that I wonder if the rain will stop sooner or later."

"I see. You should have asked me that in the first place, silly girl. It will be very soon."

"Oh good. I was beginning to worry we might be here all day."

"…Very soon after it begins to let up. Yes, yes. Indeed."

"Oh," said Alice, downcast. "And when might that be?"

"In just a few moments." The cat said, twisting his whiskers.

Alice waited this time for him to finish.

"Yes -- just a few moments after the storm reaches its height."