Why Bother

by wootbot

Size it up

2nd place in Derby #277: Caffeine, Editor's Choice!

What can I get started for you, sir?

"Yeah, could I get a trenti venti-pump raspberry pomegranate vanilla mango triple-frothed quad-buzz cracked black pepper spearmint double-black-diamond orange-ified Vatican-sanctioned marble unreliably narrated ambidextrous ship-sinking bi-wedge pork bellied high-fidelity mistletoe mocha latte, please?"

Sure thing, sir. Whip cream on that?

"No thanks! Don't want to complicate the flavor."

Wear this shirt: to that giant chain of coffee shops that shall remain nameless.

Don't wear this shirt: to your local coffee shop, where they're always talking about crazy ideas, like maybe you don't need 30 ounces of coffee?

This shirt tells the world: "I WANT MORE!!!!"

We call this color: mass kelly-green-sumption