Yggdrasil Tree

by Wootbot

Hey dude, got that album artwork yet?

2nd place in Derby #248: Art Nouveau, with 684 votes!

“All right, fellas. Sit down and get ready to feast your eyes on the cover for your upcoming album!”

“We really appreciate you taking this on with such short notice, Damien.”

“Yeah, man, it’s tough finding artists willing to do much work given the low budget of an aspiring Zydeco band.”

“No problem, boys, no problem. Now, when last we spoke, you were telling me about the spirit of the album.”

“Fresh, light-hearted, summery, with a little bit of that cayenne kick. Just like good Zydeco music.”

“We sent a few sample tracks to help you out. Did you get ‘em?”

“I did, but to be honest I didn’t need to listen to them because the idea was already birthing itself in my brain.”

“Cool, man. I dig it.”

“Really? Not even one track?”

“Patience, Al. Now, what I have called forth from the spiritual plane on which all artistic endeavors reside as spirits waiting to inspire us is an image that speaks to the carefree nature, party atmosphere, and Southern traditional roots of true Zydeco music. BEHOLD!”

“What the hell is that?”

“It’s Yggdrasil.”


“It’s the tree that held up the nine worlds in Old Norse mythology. It’s very metal, man, very f*&%ing metal.”

“But we’re not metal.”

“Yeah. We’re Zydeco.”

“Like from New Orleans.”

“Oh. Oh, s%^$. I assumed it was some kind of prog metal or something. Well, I think this still works for you guys. And the deposit’s non-refundable.”

Wear this shirt: While visiting the Urðarbrunnr.

Don’t wear this shirt: In your Zydeco band. You want like a linen suit or maybe a Hawaiian shirt.

This shirt tells the world: “The winds of Thor are blowin’ cold, dude.”

We call this color: White as a frost jötnar.

Remember the Supreme Law of Online Apparel Shopping: check the sizing chart before you buy.

Design Placement: Centered

Design Size:
3X – S: 15.08” x 18.09”
WXL - WS: 11.31” x 13.57”
K12 - K4: 9.00” x 10.80”

Pantone Color(s): 372C - 4665C - 310C - 5455C - 405C - Black

Please check our sizing chart before you order. The Woot Tee follows a classic closer-fitting style. If you prefer a baggier look, order a larger size. If there is not a larger size, consider starting a belly-hanging-out trend.